CSGO Royalties

Forget what Lorde said that you’ll never be a royal and that it doesn’t run in your blood. If you’re a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, then you’re royalty! You’re part of a highly regarded group of gamers that have a status of a king or queen in the virtual world.

Here are the reasons why you are what you are:

You have excellent strategies


Kings and queens are placed on the throne because of their ability to strategize and utilize their power for good. These people are tasked to think of ways on how to improve their kingdom and give a comfortable life to the people they handle. These people are used to thinking of tactics. And as a CSGO gamer, you are used to that too! To win a match, CSGO players have to think of ways to gain the upper hand. This means you’re aware that you’re responsible for every action they make, so you strategize well before playing. All hail, the king (or queen)!

You respond fast

counter strike global offensive

In battle, kings and queens have to react fast to an unexpected incident. But their decision should still be sound. It’s the same thing with what you do when you’re playing, and suddenly an enemy appears. Should you end his life or not? Is it the right time to do what you want to do? These questions flash through your mind like lightning, and before you know it, you’ve already done what you’re supposed to do. The more you play CSGO, the more you’ll have a mind that’s trained to respond quickly to situations; a mind that’s similar to royalty.

You have control over your choices

Player Game Play Gaming Gamer Gaming ConsoleAs a CSGO player, you have power when to play the game or go gambling instead. Royalty in CSGO gambling? No problem! You can experience this yourself anytime you want because the decision depends on you. If you want to just bet on a team today, then go ahead and do so! It’s the same thing with kings and queens. They have the final say, the last decision, the ultimate verdict. No one is forcing them to do something they don’t want to do. After all, they’re the ones wearing the crown and seating on the sovereign throne. You may not be on an elevated seat, but since you make your CSGO decisions, then you can be considered royalty.

Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

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